Do you want to create more inclusion in the workplace and a strong(er) divers team?

An increasing number of organisations are pursuing inclusive collaboration. Why?
Inclusive collaboration brings numerous benefits:

  • Your team members feel better in the team and are absent less often.
  • Your team delivers better (financial) performance.
  • Your team members are more positive about the team and therefore inspire others to join your team.
  • Your team comes up with more innovative and more creative solutions, because they can call on a wide range of experiences and insights.

Use our 6 building blocks

Do you want to achieve a strong diverse team where inclusive collaboration is central? Karel de Grote University of Applied Sciences and Arts research centre Public Impact developed in collaboration with partners a kit of 22 experiential team activities you can use to strengthen inclusive teamwork.

The activities are divided into six building blocks:

Read the manual

The activities of TEAM[inclusive] can be used with teams from a variety of sectors. The manual supports team leaders to work with the activities independently. All materials are online available.

Any necessary guidance can be requested from the research centre Public Impact (


‘Team [inclusive] – Strong cooperation in a diverse team’ is the result of a two-year
project (2021-2022) carried out by the research centre Public Impact of Karel de Grote University
of Applied Sciences and Arts in cooperation with Event Confederation, Sociaal Fonds Podiumkunsten, Untitled Workers Club, De Aanstokerij, Society in Motion (NL) and 3C Lab (IT). This research project was realised with the support of the European Social Fund.

This project resulted not only in activities and building blocks for inclusive teamwork, but also in a comprehensive diversity and inclusion (D&I) kit consisting of 10 building blocks for inclusive recruitment and selection.